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Cowboys Give TO The Boot…

So the Cowboys aren’t trading TO, they are cutting him! Even in these recessive times the Cowboys are willing to eat $9 milli just to get TO the puck out of there. And just to clear things up this is handsdown one of the greatest receivers to ever play that we are talking about here.

But, Jerry Jones is known to have a heart that is colder than Commissioner Goodell’s and after a meeting late last night he decided to tell TO to holler back youngin’ hoo hoo like F-A-B-O-L…well you know the rest.

Sad really. But, we bet you one thing – Tony Romo is not crying because TO is leaving. Now the hard question is what team out there is going to feel like they need TO’s services. The man will be 36 this year. And even though Jerry, the GOAT at the position, played until he was 46 – he stopped being “good” at 38.

So let the TO saga continue. The good news is that at least we should be able to see his reaction to getting cut and most likely some crying on the VH1 reality series that he is supposed to be filming right now.



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