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Brighten My Day NFL Questionable Call

Couple Gets Active At Cowboys Stadium


When Jerry Jones announced the plans for the construction of the Cowboys Stadium a few years back, some couple was concocting plans of being the first people to mash cakes in the stadium upon it’s completion. Welp! mission accomplished. During the Cowboys Monday Night smashing of the Panthers some couple, including a guy rocking a Michael Irvin jersey decided to follow suit by smashing in one of the plethora of bathrooms inside the 8th wonder of the world.

Luckily for us some visionary witnessed the act and had a camera ready to document a solid 3 second chunk of the event. While we’re not going to post the video because all you really see is man ass thrusting, we’re never ones to knock someone else’s hustle so you can check it out here.

Apparently the couples exploits were witnessed by a small congregation of guys who found the bathroom floor escapades too be quite funny. While I can imagine how fun it would be to knock boots at a sporting event, if I got to lay on a public bathroom floor, likely to have some remnants of dried up tinkle, to get my nut…then I’m not rolling. Via Deadspin


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