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Confirmed: People In Turkey Are Funky


Danny Granger got a ton of heat from the Euro community on Twitter, after he posted a few eventually deleted tweets, clowning people in Turkey for being a little too odorific.

This sparked a debate amongst the Chaser delegation, because based on our knowledge, Euros typically roll with minimal showering and deodorant usage, which has been known to create a scent that can be quite difficult on the nostrils of those that don’t have their mind (and hearts) prepared.

Eventually we came to the decision to try and support Granger for speaking his mind, based on our suspicions that most of the population of Turkey, as well as most other countries in region, are in fact funky.

After several calls, bbm’s, emails, facebook, gmail and aim (some people still use it) chats with several current and former athletes that have spent time in Turkey within the past 7 years, they all confirmed the accuracy of Granger’s tweet.

Which leads us to the conclusion that Granger was well within his rights to comment on the fact that Turkey’s proverbial roses actually do smell like boo boo, without the need to lean a little bit closer.


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