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Questionable Call

College Football Saturday Preview…


Revenge Games: While everyone is focused on the Florida vs Tennessee (12:30 PT) game, we already know it’s not going to be much of a game. The Gators are going to smash them for all that talk Lane Kiffin has been doing since he came into office. There is no question about it, this is going to be a runaway slave type whipping, bad.

So we are turning our attention to Texas vs Texas Tech (5pm PT). Don’t think Colt McCoy has forgot what happened last year when all the Red Raiders stormed the field after the game-winning catch by Crabtree. But this year the game is at Texas and Tech is not looking so good. So get ready because the horns will be up and you know what Tupac used to say, “revenge is the sweetest joy next to getting pussy”.

Game Of The Weekend12:30pm PT: Sadly there is only one game this weekend between two top 25 teams so automatically it is our game of the week and that is #19 Nebraska at #13 VTech. You’ve got Nebraska trying to bring their program back to greatness and VTech trying to climb back into the top 10 like they were ranked in the preseason. It’s going to be a battle, we’re rolling with VTech on this one though.

Notable Game – 12:30pm PT: USC done went and switched QB on us. After leading USC to the victory over Ohio State in front of 100,000 plus, freshman Matt Barkley is sitting out of this one and in his place Aaron Corp, who was USC’s starter in the preseason before he got hurt, will be starting when USC takes on Washington.

But this ain’t going to be no cake walk for ‘SC because the Huskies QB Jake Locker is the truth. And let us not forget the Huskies only lost to LSU in the first week by a touchdown. So who’s going to win…you know we got to roll with the Trojan men because their running game is too sick, all we’re saying is that it’ll be close.

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