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Cody Zeller Gets Boo’d Up By Bobcats (Hornets) Fans At Draft Party

Jay Gatsby Jun 28

Cody Zeller Boo Draft


There was a growing optimism in Charlotte, NC – they finally got their birth name back – Charlotte Hornets – and had the #4 overrall pick that essentially placed Nerlens Noel in their lap.  That was until the following happened:

Reports had it that this wasn’t an MJ pick – he finally relinquished control of the picks and trusted his top scout Rich Cho with the pick.

Apparently, Rich Cho was watching a little too much Hickory Hoosiers vs Wildcats because Mullens/Zeller is a front line we haven’t seen since that movie.

Jay Gatsby tends to bleed silver and black, purple and gold, and Dodger blue yearly. Besides that, he wears many hats as a father, educator, retired basketball coach, realistic optimist, cinema lover and dry humor extraordinaire you can follow him @JJALC


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