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Clippers Remove All of Donald Sterling’s Philanthropic Awards From Trophy Case

Clippers Trophy Case Donald Sterling Awards


The Clippers are continuing to distance themselves from embattled owner Donald Sterling, as team officials have decided to remove all of Sterling’s philanthropic awards from the team’s trophy case, in light of the bigoted comments that Donald T. made to his side boo about black people.

Arash Markazi posted the following picture on his twitter account with the following message:

All of Donald Sterling’s “philanthropic awards” have been removed from the Clippers’ trophy case

Although all of these symbolic gestures by the team are being made in attempt to remove any reminders that Donald Sterling is the owner of the Clippers, Donald Sterling is STILL the owner of the Clippers and still stacking paper off the franchise.

In other news, who knew that the Clippers had a trophy case? Usually you would need some trophies in order to put them in a trophy case.


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