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Clippers Players Show Solidarity By Warming Up Sans Logo During Pregame

Clippers Donald Sterling Protest


There has been no shortage of opinions of how Clipper players should react to the re-revelations that their owner is racister than a mug. On Sunday the entire basketball world got the answer as the team showed solidarity during pregame warmups by walking to the half court circle in unison and removing their Clippers jackets and throwing them on the floor.

The team warmed up with their shirt inside out. Fortunately since the Clippers are playing a Sunday road game, they opted to wear their alternate blue uniforms which feature “Los Angeles” across the front–showing that they are playing for each other and the city they represent, but definitely NOT their racist owner.

Some suggested the team boycott the remainder of the players and thus sacrifice all the hard work that they have put in this season to draw attention to Donald Sterling, who has had his fair share of racially-themed controversy since purchasing the franchise in 1981.

I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but it seems to me that if the Clippers boycotted the game, and got fined as a result, they would just be putting more money into Sterling’s pockets and giving the Warriors a free pass to the conference semis.

So to all the people that made that suggestion please accept this, “Negro Please!” with nothing but peace and love.


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