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Clippers Give Lakers Worst Loss in Franchise History With 48-Point Blowout

Clippers Blowout Lakers


Several years ago I warned Laker fans that the days of honoring themselves would soon be coming to an end, and on Thursday night the Clippers fulfilled the prophecy, smashing the Lakers’ proverbial cheeks by 48 points, the worst loss in the history of the Purple and Gold.

The Lakers were the designated home team for the game, but the Clippers proved that they run LA now as the crowd had no choice but to celebrate play after play as the Laker fan base finally conceded that they team is currently weaker than some baby piss.

For those watching the game on TNT the most memorable moment came after Blake Griffin caught a ridiculous one-handed lob and cameras cut to Mitch Kupchak in the stands looking like he was holding in some explosive diarrhea.

Even though Clipper fans (ones that have been rolling with the team since Michael Cage was leaving activator drips on the Sports Arena floor) have been waiting for this moment for most of their lives, it proved to actually be kind of sad, like when Scarface died at the end of the movie.

The game was so bad, that lifelong Laker fans decided to jump off the bandwagon and denounce their allegiance to one of the best franchises in sports.

After the game Kobe Bryant took to twitter to with another one of his trademark tweets in a desperate attempt to keep hope alive in Laker nation:

But with Bryant under contract for 2 more years bascially crippling the Lakers’ salary cap at $24 million plus per year, odds are this massacre at the hands of the Clippers is only the beginning.


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