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Clippers Announcer Ralpher Lawler on Origin of His Legendary “Bingo!” Line


Whether you’ve been a Clippers fan since back yonder, or just jumped on the bandwagon, guaranteed you’ve heard announcer Ralph Lawler drop his legendary “Bingo!” line any time the Clips hit a 3-pointer.

During the Clippers game against the Cavs on Friday night, Lawler broke down the origins of the term, easily one of the most infamous lines  in NBA history, despite the Clippers lackluster

Bingo Smith played in the NBA from 1969-80, spending the majority of his career with the Cavs, where his #7 jersey has been retired in honor of his legendary career.

Smith was traded to the San Diego Clippers in 1979, the same year that the NBA introduced the 3-point line. Every time Smith would hit a 3-pointer, Lawler would yell, “Bingo!” and the rest is history.

For what it’s worth for Smith’s one and only season with the 3-point line, he went 23 for 81 (28.4%), which is fairly boo boo.


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