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Chris Paul & Rajon Rondo Get Into Some Gangsta ‘Ish


When you’ve reached the point where you just can’t handle things like gentlemen, well then it’s time to get into some gangsta shiznit. Hornets guard Chris Paul and Celtics guard Rajon Rondo both might be hollering at a suspension after news broke that the 2 were involved in an altercation following the C’s win Sunday night. Both point guards were going at each other all game, actually both getting techs after getting tangled up in the 2nd quarter and talking some heat.

Following the game, as players from both sides were shaking hands Paul and Rondo once again got into some verbal jousting and several Celtics coaches and players, including Rasheed Wallace (E-40 voice) attempted to cool Paul’s hot head. But apparently Paul was unwilling to let the on-court incidents ride and actually tried to follow Rondo into the locker room before being calmed down by a few Celts assistant coaches.

The league is currently investigating the matter and should make a decision on whether or not Paul and Rondo should be punished for their actions in the near future.


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