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Chicago Says No To A Walter Payton Statue…


Can you believe this sh*t…there are some people in Chicago’s City Hall don’t want to have a Walter Payton statue outside the Bears Stadium because they say there is some “concern a Payton statue outside of Soldier Field might diminish the stature of other former Bears Hall of Famers” and that the space is only reserved for soldiers.

Well we don’t see anybody else trying to build a life size 6 foot bronze statue of any of those other so called “greats”. Sure the Bears have the most members in footballs hall of fame, dudes like Mike Ditka, Gale Sayers, and Mike Singletary…but even they most admit that they were not as great on the field or off the field as Sweetness was.

He’s the number two all-time leading rusher, has donated millions through the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation, has a high school named after him, the NFL even has the Walter Payton Man of the Year” community service award which they give out every year. Yet he can’t have a statue outside the stadium. Please!


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