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Brighten My Day Fat Booty Friday Swag

Cheek Check: Colombian Model Natalia Velez aka Ms. Thicky Ricardo Jr.


Hamburger! It’s been awhile since we laced you with our now infamous “Cheek Check” but since the fiends have been asking for it, alls we can say is “Pandemic!”

For our first Cheek Check of 2012 we decided to pay homage to up-and-coming Colombian model Natalia Velez, who we’ve dubbed ‘Ms. Thicky Ricardo Jr.’ given her immaculate looking cake game.

Velez has emerged as an instant JerseyChaser favorite, packing more booty than them pirates of the caribbean, with a beautiful grill to boot.

If you’re a dude and this photo doesn’t take you from six to midnight, then odds are that you like to makeout with dudes. More pics of Velez after the jump…


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