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Checkmate: Derek Anderson Punks Media After Reporter Asks About Him Laughing During Blowout


Derek Anderson had to stomp down on a reporter after being questioned about a shot of him and offensive lineman Deuce Lutui laughing on the bench as the Cardinals were blown out  27-6 by the 49ers in front of their home crowd. The loss dropped the Cards to last in the NFC West, but still only 2 games behind the front-running Rams and Seahawks.

During the Monday Night Football telecast of the game, Anderson was chastised by the legend that is Jon Gruden, who unfortunately didn’t know the flavor of the Kool-Aid.

Anderson was caught off guard by the numerous questions asked about the incident and proceeded

This is why players play, owners pay, and the squares (regs, gamblers, media and/or any combo thereof) watch and don’t try to analyze what 2 dudes that have to shower together on a regular basis are on the sidelines talking about.

It is true that they were losing but in sports sometimes a laugh is really a cry and at this point there is no audio of Anderson and Lutui’s conversation…yet.

The edited and potty-mouthed version of the tirade (before the local news network yanked the audio) as well as Anderson and Lutui laughing after the jump…

The edited (solidly) version of just the tirade.

The AZ local version that dips out the audio in the middle of the tirade after a few “S” bombs slip underneath the cracks.

Anderson getting clowned by Jon Gruden (who eventually backtracks) for laughing with Deuce Lutui, whilst the Cards were down 24-6 early in the 4th quarter.



  1. T1q November 30, 2010

    Hilarious, but only a loser can find humor in losing to the sorry ass 9ers


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