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Chargers Fans Clown Eli Manning Hard With “ShEli” Fat Head

Shan Dec 09

Eli Manning Drag Queen Chargers


Some days it really, really hard to be a Chargers fan. I love the Bolts, I do..but it’s been a rough couple of years. HOWEVA, yesterday was awesome and thanks to a few clever fans looking to troll Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

As you may or may not know, when the 2004 draft came about, the Chargers had the first round pick. Eli knew he was probably going to be chosen by SD (and he was), so he and his daddy Archie threw a hissy fit and Eli ended up with the Giants.

Almost 10 years later, it is apparent that San Diego fans haven’t quite this little snub go. Known as “ShEli” Manning to Bolts fans, Eli came into Qualcomm Stadium to face this amazing creation…and to get beat 37-14…and to get eliminated from the playoffs.



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  1. haha December 10, 2013

    Happy Sheliacing


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