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NBA Questionable Call Swag Video

Channing Frye Shows Lakers He Has Big Marbles + Suns Teammate Does Dance On Bench


It seems like ever since Suns forward Channing Frye got his meat poked by Kevin Garnett a while back, the dude has been on a mission to show the League that he has big marbles.

Whether it be game-winners against the Pacers and Nets, or coming through in the clutch for his squad like he did in an eventual triple overtime loss to the Lakers. Late in the 2nd Overtime, with his squad down 3, Frye was fouled by Lamar Odom during a 3-point attempt, almost knocking down the shot.

In hostile territory, well as hostile as an arena filled with celebrities and shine-seekers can be, Frye stepped to the line and knocked down 3 straight free throws to keep the Suns’ hopes alive. Much like some pimpin, that ain’t easy.

After Frye’s free throws, TNT cameras caught a player on the Suns bench doing Tanaka’s legendary “Big Marbles” dance from Major League II.

Video of both Frye’s clutch free throws and the Big Marbles dance after the jump…


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