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Stuff Athletes Hate…

Stuff Athletes Hate…

#2 Taxes For the second installment of this weekly feature (hopefully, my laziness consumes me), we decided to look at the Rich Man’s burden, otherwise known as the United States Federal and/or State Tax system. Herein referred to as taxes for square-brained continuity. Nothing can ruin an Athletes fiscal year […]

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Cool Soccer Throw In Knocks Kid Out Crying

“Coach I can do it, I’ve been practicing” Meanwhile his mom, dad, and little sister all have broken noses. Tweet

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Praise Canada! We Love Kara Lang

Praise Canada! We Love Kara Lang

For this week’s installment, we decided to focus on women’s soccer, given that the prelims for the College Cup is already in progress and historically soccer players are very moneyable. With that in mind, we honor Canadian National team legend and current UCLA standout Kara Lang. Kara’s lore is strong […]

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