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Cassel Following Brady No More…

This could be the sickest trade since the Lakers scooped Paul Gaosol last year for a little bit more than some pocket lent. All the Chiefs had to give up was 2 draft picks for not only Cassel, but Mike Vrabel the vet linebacker as well. If a franchise player gets you 2 draft picks off top, what was Vrabel, just an added bonus?

We guess Tom Brady is going to be a-okay…

So now after nearly a decade of waiting behind top QB’s in the game at USC and in New England, Matt Cassel is finally going to get to be a starting QB. Even though it is going to be on the rebuilding Cheifs (who could be decent if Larry Johnson stays and Bowe comes into his own at WR) he is still going to get paid $14 milli to suffer with them. Which shout make every loss a little sweeter.


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