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Cam Newton Goes HAM on NFL Ref Jerome Boger During Raiders-Panthers Game


Cam Newton should expect to be breaking some bread and/or spending time on Chilligan’s Island after trying to go HAM on ref Jerome Boger and actually making contact, in the form of a decent-but-not-ridiculous bump whilst bitching about a late hit.

After getting bumped by Cam, Boger kind of gives him a look as if to say, “keep a cool booty my dude,” before hitting Newton with a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Boger probably should have ejected Newton as well, but he must have been overcome with some holiday spirit and the unspoken mandate to always look out for the QB.

In Cam’s defense, the Raiders defense wasn’t playing like a team with nothing to lose, but instead like a team who doesn’t give a shit, looking to try and take Newton out of the game like the Panthers defense did to Carson Palmer earlier in the game.

Either way, once Roger Goodell and them(s) take a good look at the tape, guaranteed came will be giving back that check he got for the Play 60 commercial with a little more dough sprinkled on top, cause RG1 don’t let all that kind of mambo jahambo go down.

Video of Cam Newton bumping Jerome Boger after the jump…


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