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Calm McCoy Right Before the Raiders Field Storm

With fans already on the field before the end of the game, our dude, was able to get a truly amazing shot, of former Heisman front-runner Colt McCoy, right before the storm. He could do nothing but look on and cry to himself as the Longhorns piss away their title hopes. The Texas Tech crowd. Amped, juiced, hype and ready to get active.

Beautiful shot. But, this was only the beginning. This was the prelude to the bigger party that would take place around the town that night. Anyone who has been to Lubbock, Texas knows that there ain’t nothing to in the town except watch cow pies dry. This being the biggest win the in schools history, against their in state rival, the students must have been itching for a reason to party. Needless to say it was a big, big night, complete with car surfing. Way to celebrate Red Raider fans.

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