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Caking Alert: Rihanna & Dodger Matt Kemp Boo’ed Up


I was going to try and clown Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp for this reckless display of cupcaking with pop sensation/Chris Brown’s old boo Rihanna, but sheeeeeeeeeeit, I would being doing the same thing if given the opportunity cause Lord knows Rihanna fire and desire. The new something-like-a-power-couple were spotted vacationing in Cabo San Lucas and getting extra frisky in the jacuzzi, in which Kemp guaranteed got a hojo underwater.

Some critics are highly skeptical of this relationship laster longer than a piece of flavorful bubble gum. It doesn’t matter how long they remain an item, because one solid nut with a beezy like that can bring memories that last a lifetime.

More shots of the Cabo Cakefest after the jump…


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