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Bynum To Make It Rain More Often

Bynum is finally 21. He is finally a man, he can legally drink. Having missed his college years filled with dorm parties, frat parties, and walking adventures to the local bar (oh wait, he still snuck in a few of those) – he can now make up for lost time and do it big. Hollywood is his playground. Celebrating his 21st instyle, Bynum went out to a club and made it rain on them…

And from what we hear, unlike Floyd Mayweather who was suspected of throwing fake $100 bills while making it rain, Bynum was throwing real $20 bills. Nice. Having just signed a 4 year $58 million contract look for him next year to make it rain with $50 or dare I say real C-notes. But, here in lies the question. Would you ever pickup money that was thrown while an athlete was making it rain?

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