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Questionable Call

BYD: The Return of SI SWIMSUIT Model #Boobcam


We’ve been a humongous fan of Sports Illustrated SWIMSUIT senior editor MJ Day for the past few years for having a keen eye on how to properly market all of the dimes that make up the SI SWIMSUIT roster including (but not limited to) Chrissy Teigen, Kate Upton, Marissa  Miller, Irina Shayk and on and on.

In fact, we we’ve rolling with MJ Day since she was just an associate editor over there, and we are proud to see her move up the ranks with her phenomenal social media skills.

Day has consistently laced her twitter followers with stunning all-access, behind-the-scenes photos of some of the world’s most notorious dime-pieces, keeping viewers thirstier than a Kenyan marathon runner on Mile 25 for Sports Illustrated annual celebration of hot girls in swimsuits.

Day decided to bring back her now legendary #boobcam to celebrate the 2012 release of SI Swimsuit and even though it’s Fat Booty! Friday, sometimes you got to give some love to the front as well

[via @MJ_Day]

More #boobcam pics after the jump…


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