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BYD: Steve Lavin’s Wife Is A Dime (Photos)


Mary Ann Jarou, aka Mrs. Steve Lavin, is for lack of a better word, a dime, and will be a welcomed sight in the stands at St. John’s games next season. Now that her boo is headed back to school like Rodney Dangerfield, Jarou will be pulling the double duty as both a coach’s wife and aspiring actress. The New York media is already buzzing about Lavin’s boo, as she is getting just as much attention as the Johnnies new head coach. Jarou has already made cameos on legendary shows such as HBO’s Entourage (the hottest “Sherpa Girl” we have seen in TV history), so making the move to the Big Apple should only help her book some more gigs.

Jarou is a winner, and not a chicken dinner, so it should be only a matter of time before we see her in front of the camera on one of those daytime soap operas that those without jobs or agendas seem to enjoy so much. Lavin’s boo should also help out tremendously in terms of recruiting, as any player being wooed by the program would undoubtedly have to respect Lavin’s decision-making process and ability to select high quality talent. Who wouldn’t want to play for a coach that has a wife as hot as Lavin’s? Jarou is the definition of a “career pull.”

More pics of Mrs. Steve Lavin after the jump…


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