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BYD: Kate Upton Hitting The Dougie At A Clippers Game


Now what we have right here is some very rare video of SI Swimsuit/Victoria’s Secret supermodel Kate Upton, hitting the dougie and successfully singing-a-long to the song during a recent Clippers game.

In a different time Upton might have been clowned for spending her free time at a Clippers game, but since the emergence of Blake Griffin, watching the other NBA team in town has become a lot more fashionable…like BPM on a second date.

After watching this video of Upton hitting the dougie, it wasn’t surprising to see reports that she and Kanye West might be smashing. Upton has enough cheek to keep up with Kim Kardashian and some swag to boot.

At only 18 years old Upton is definitely a winner and not a chicken dinner. It will be interesting to see how her cheeks matriculate in the upcoming years as her body continues to develop. But as a wise man once said, “body like a woman, so her age meant nothing.”

[via The Big Lead]


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