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BYD: Gisele Looking Solid At Carnival + Tom Brady Dancing Like A Square Bear From Delaware


Naturally the majority of the blogosphere took to the Tom Brady dancing like a super duper square at Carnival story and ran with it, failing to show any love to his boo Gisele.

Whilst her man was chilling on the sidelines demonstrating that he isn’t apart of that rhythm nation that Janet talked about back in the day and rocking a questionable ponytail to boot, Gisele was mashing around through the streets of Rio on a float, looking qualified to be satisfied.

Don’t get me wrong, watching the NFL MVP embarrass himself in front of a bunch of Brazilians definitely deserves some attention, alls I’m saying is that I’d rather be staring at Gisele looking swell over any dude on the planet.

More pics of Gisele doing her float thizzle, plus Tom Brady’s now legendary dancing fail, after the jump…


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