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BYD: Former Baller Olden Polynice On Dr. Phil


Former NBA legend Olden Polynice, who is of Haitian decent and has plenty of family still over there dealing with the devastation of the earthquake, was on the Dr. Phil Show last week talking about the situation over there when he received a special surprise. During the interview with Dr. Phil, Polynice said that he hadn’t seen his father in damn near 3 years, but does manage to talk to him on the phone occasionally. While this was going Polynice’s dad slowly crept up behind him until Dr. Phil had Olden turn around to see the older, colder version of himself.

The younger Polynice was overcome with emotion, crying hysterically for a few moments before finally giving his pop’s a big hug. Normally seeing a man this big weeping would be cause for some side-busting, but in this case it is more than understandable. Classy move Dr. Phil.

Video of the meeting after the jump…



  1. matula January 31, 2010

    Good initiative!


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