BYD: Erin Andrews Looking My-T-Fine On Kimmel Live


Hamburger! Is it just me, or has Erin Andrews gotten way dimer since undergoing that “career-threatening” peephole scandal? The current Dancing With The Stars contestant, on loan from ESPN, is becoming a media sensation as a result of that highly-circulated video of her bucky naked, transcending her sports-world stardom into the mainstream. Andrews hollered at Jimmy Kimmel Monday night and brought along her sister, who is a decent red-headed version of EA.

Andrews showed up wearing a tight black dress that almost looked like she was heading to the track (not the one you run around) to make her way in a figure 8 immediately following the interview. Bottom line, you would.

The second part of Andrews interview, where she doesn’t deny a potential fling with her DWTS partner Maks and EA joining Jimmy in a game of scrabble against some young squares after the jump…

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