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BYD: Candace Parker Looking My-T-Fine and Giving Her Boo (Shelden Williams) More Buckets Than KFC


In case you didn’t know, The Chaser rarely deals with the WNBA but when it comes to Candace Parker, we beent rolling like some zig-zags so we are willing to make an exception.

Parker has been recovering from some torn meniscus in her knee, which forced her to miss damn near 2 months, and just recently returned back to the court to continue to do her proverbial thug thizzle.

This video chronicling her comeback was recently uploaded on Parker’s website and features her giving her husband/NBA baller Shelden Williams a bevy of buckets, which will probably do nothing to boost Williams’ street cred.

Any chick that is both a dime and has the ability to dunk all over your life is what we like to call a double-winner, and definitely not a chicken dinner.

But it’s always tough when your main boo can give you the business on or off the court.

[via Candace Parker’s website]


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