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Bulls Considering Joakim Noah In Carmelo Trade


On the heels of our report that the Bulls were Carmelo Anthony’s top trade destination, Yahoo!Sports and now ESPNChicago have confirmed last weeks’s scoop.

ESPNChicago is reporting that Bulls center Joakim Noah is on the trade block for the Bulls, who are having internal discussions about including the center in a deal for Anthony.

With the uncertainty surrounding the Collective Bargaining Agreement set to expire on June 30th 2011, the Nuggets reportedly are hesitant about taking on a long-term contract like Deng’s.  The Nuggets have several huge contracts and Deng has 4 years left on a 71 million dollar deal.

Noah is entering the fourth year of his rookie deal that will pay him 3.1 million dollars this season.  Noah becomes a restricted free-agent next season, unless the Bulls decide that he is a vital part of their future and keep him around.

It’s weird the Bulls would be trying to trade Noah after offering him 5-year 60 million dollar extension a few weeks ago, but when a player with the star power of ‘Melo become available, other players become expendable.

The trade sounds interesting, but I’m not sure how a trade including Noah and not Deng would work.

Though Chicago has some alluring pieces, recently acquired Carlos Boozer,Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer and CJ Watson can’t be included in a trade untill Dec 15, because of CBA rules. They have the contracts that makes a trade for Anthony plausible and the Chicago may show some patience in trying to pull the trigger.

I can’t imagine the Bulls parting ways with a bona-fide low-post presence like Boozer, but Korver and Brewer are definitely expendable.

Outside of Deng and Noah, the only player of real value that could be included in a deal before Dec 15th is Derrick Rose, and there is no way in hell they move him.

There are several scenarios in which a trade including one or both players before December, but Denver and Chicago would need a 3rd team to complete the deal.

Several teams have the resources and flexibility to help, including Houston, New Jersey, Portland, Sacramento and Cleveland.


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