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Break Bread: Tebow Rolling With NCAA Football 2011


It must be nice to be former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. Even though the Gators got served with a cherry on top by Alabama in the SEC Championship, the loss has done little to tarnish cash cow that is Tebow, being arguably the greatest college football player of all times. Since his amateur status ended, Tebow has been stacking chips like Phil Ivey (or that one legendary dude with the long hair that always rocks the cowboy hat), getting his gummy worm hustle on to make a few bucks.

Tebow has been on a cross-country tour, making appearances for major dough and even making those Pro-Life wackos seem cool. As a tribute to his legendary career the good folks over at EA gave Tebow the cover for NCAA Football 2011, an honor generally bestowed on only the most worthy of candidates. He probably got a decent check for use of his likeness, guaranteed it was a lot more than any of the actual “players” on the game did.


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