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Break Bread: Mayweather Bets $200k on Cowboys 2nd Half, Dispels $3 Mil Bet on Michigan Rumor


Legendary boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather is no stranger to putting his cheese where his mouth is, betting large sums of cash on various sporting events, and always taking the time to boast when his big time risks come through in the clutch.

Following the Cowboys’ season-opening upset of the defending Super Bowl champion Giants on Wednesday night, Mayweather tweeted out a photo of his winning betting slip from the M Resort with the following message:

I bet the Cowboys second half $200,000. This is real. Not a rumor like Michigan.

The “not a rumor like Michigan” portion of the tweet was meant to dispel the reports that Mayweather tricked off $3 million betting on Michigan to beat Alabama, a game in which the Wolverines got smashed like Luscious and one of Ray-J’s homies.

Mayweather’s take for the bet is a whopping $181,818.20, but guaranteed Uncle Sam is going to take a nice slice of that for his troubles.

[via @FloydMayweather]



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