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Break Bread: Dez Bryants Drops $54k On Team Dinner


Dez Bryant may have tried to avoid all those rookie hazing shenanigans during the preseason, but eventually the powers that be, specifically teammate Roy Williams, weren’t going to let it ride. Bryant made headlines, after blatantly violating the rules & regulations of being an NFL rookie, refusing to bow down to Williams and taking the situation to the square-brained media.

Williams did mention that if Bryant was unwilling to adhere to the hazing during the preseason, there would be “Phase II” which apparently involved several of Dez’s Cowboy teammates showing up a dinner that was suppose to be just for the offense and running up $54 stack bill at a local steakhouse in the area.

A wise man once said that it ain’t tricking if you got it, and surely Bryant should have enough cheese left over from his 1st round contract to keep the lights on. Bryant will probably try and repay Williams back by taking his spot…its only right.

[via ESPN]


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