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Insta-Legend: Brandon Jennings Gets Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles Tattoo


Now normally I would refer to Brandon Jenning’s decision to get a legendary purveyor of fried chicken (and waffles ya dig?) tattoo’d on his arm, but Roscoe’s is f*cking awesome, and since Jenning’s has no shortage of ink, why not show a little love to the iconic LA restaurant.

Jennings has had the tattoo for a few years, but it wasn’t easily distinguishable amongst the sea of other elaborate tats that gracefully cover the Bucks’ point guard’s arms (not to mention the rest of his body).

I just hope that if Jennings was kind enough to show love to Roscoe’s by getting his tattoo, that he gets rewarded with a free chicken and waffles for life, or gets a pass from Momma to keep his elbows on the table whilst eating.

[via Larry Brown Sports, Black Sports Online]


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