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BOO-Conn: Stanford Ends UCONN (Women’s) Winning Streak At 90 Games


So in case you missed the UCONN-Stanford Women’s basketball game last night, present company included, the Cardinals smashed the Huskies, to end their winning streak at 90 consecutive games, an all-time record for WOMEN’S basketball. If you care about this streak, then this isn’t the site for you, so kick rocks homie.

Naturally all the media attention focused on the squad should slowly dwindle back to oblivion in the upcoming weeks, once everyone realizes that nobody cares, minus some friends and family.

ESPN and it’s affiliate of squares did a magnificent job of making the streak seem a lot more interesting than it was, drawing comparisons to John Wooden’s legendary 88-game winning streak while at UCLA, mainly as a way to actually get people to tune into the ESPN family of networks to watch games that were about as exciting as being constipated.

UCONN head coach Geno Auriemma soaking up what should be the last of the shine from the square media (until the Final Four) during his postgame press conference after the jump…


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