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Blount’s College Career Over…NFL Future Doubtful

Kodackid Sep 04


Oregon’s LeGarrette Blount gets suspended for the entire year and the thing that hurts is that he was a Senior. Meanwhile this scrub that nobody goes to see play besides his mom, dad, and probably a fat ugly girlfriend, Boise State linebacker Byron Hout, is going to get off scotch free and he’s the one the started the whole mess.

We feel for Blount. Hout reached out and hit him not only once, but twice…once on the helmet and then another in the chest. Sure they were some love taps, but where most people are from you don’t let another man put their hands on you and then say a smart ass comment after and just let them walk away. Hout got what he deserved.

But back to Blount. Here is a guy that has the school record for most rushing TD’s in a season (17) and was coming into the season as ESPN’s 2nd rated senior RB…a for sure 2nd or 3rd rounder in next years draft. Now knowing the NFL and how they do black athletes that misbehave, he’ll be lucky if he even gets invited to a training camp.

In a matter of 5 minutes he went from making hundreds of thousands in the NFL to tens of thousands in the UFL or CFL. And while we do blame Blount for his behavior, we put most of the blame on the funny guy that nobody has heard of that got knocked out…Byron Hout. Congrats bro, you just ruined a family’s life.



  1. mike September 4, 2009

    While I love your website and enjoy all the shit you have to post I think your completely wrong on this. Blount completely deserves what he got. You gotta handle yourself in professional manor and be accountable for what you’ve done. Sure the other kid provoked him and said something, but you gotta keep your cool. People talk shit all the time in sports games and there isn’t a fight every play. And don’t act like the dude tapping him was what your wrote hitting him because you clearly know that’s bs. What the other kid did was wrong and shouldn’t have been done but for no reason does the other dude need to punch him. You know how stupid that is. The worst thing you wrote too is he cost him ruined blounts life. How about some self accountability. Dude fucked up and now hes gotta pay for it.

  2. jason September 4, 2009

    nobody ruined blounts life but himself. have some control. if you act a fool you are a fool. i am sure blount has heard much worse than what was said to him last night…the reason he was so testy was because he sucked..and now he has some time to think about being the tough guy…way to blow a good thing bro…all because you have no self control. this kid is has been trouble in the past and he will be trouble in the future

  3. Allen September 4, 2009

    We’ll maybe he’ll have a career in mixed martial arts

  4. tbagonya September 4, 2009

    you kniggas obviously are way out of it. your racially based commentary is whack. mike vick, plaxico burress, blount etc… they all got what they deserved. where are the white brothers? what are the percentages of black athletic f’up to white f’up. f’ you guys.

  5. tbagonya September 4, 2009

    btw i am obviously white and all those kniggas i just mentioned have had way more oportunities than me to make it. so f’you.

  6. Andrew September 5, 2009

    We know how the NFL “does black athletes that misbehave” only because there have been so many misbehaving black athletes. Its good that his true colors were exposed while he was still in college before someones favorite team blew a pick on him. He is a thug, and is the last person kids need to be watching on sundays (or saturdays). You sound absurd defending this guy.


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