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Bloody-Faced J.J. Watt Goes HAM on Texans Trainer For Invading His Bubble

JJ Watt Bloody Face Trainer


Texans star J.J. Watt didn’t take too kindly to a trainer trying to reduce the bleeding from his face during a game against the Seahawks on Sunday, and subsequently went HAM on said trainer.

During the 3rd quarter Watt’s grill started gushing blood as the Pro Bowler dipped to the sidelines like a “G” to let the world know that his heart (and nose) don’t pump kool-aid.

As a Texans trainer tried to get Watt to put his face into a towel, and proceeding to grab that back of his head, Watt flipped out, smacking the towel away and giving the trainer the “Westbrook” face.


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