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Blazers Honor Jack Ramsay With “Dr. Jack” Patch on Jerseys

Jack Ramsay Blazers Patch


The basketball world lost a legend this week as former college and NBA head coach Jack Ramsay passed away after losing a battle with cancer at 89 years old. The Blazers decided to honor their former head coach with a special “Dr. Jack” patch on their jerseys.

Jack Ramsay Outfit

The patch features a plaid background in tribute to the legendary outfits that Ramsay use to wear back in his heyday, when he could have easily been mistaken for a part time pimp. pacing the sidelines with the same vigor and swag as a street businessman mashin’ for some rations.

Ramsay rose up the coaching ranks and eventually led the Portland Trail Blazers to the 1977 NBA Championship prior to finishing his NBA coaching career with the Pacers in 1988.


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