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NCAA Basketball

Blake Griffin Leads All-American Team…

John Krease Mar 30


We had our doubts about Blake Griffin. With the football team as sick as they are, we figured that the basketball team was getting no girls at all. He has to compete with Bradford a Heisman winner, two sick running backs, and the rest of the 100 dudes on the team for girls.

But, this picture clears up any confusion for those of us out there that were questioning Blake Griffin’s pimpin’ abilities. They must have got word that he is a future number one draft pick on a first team all-american along with DeJuan Blair, Psycho T, James Harden of AZ State, and Stef Curry.

Thabeet was robbed and placed on the 2nd team with UNC’s Ty Lawson, Notre Dames Luke Harangody, Jodie Meeks over there at UK, and DWade’s second coming Jerel McNeal of Marquette. The third team was Terrence Williams from Louisville, FSU’s Toney Douglas, Pitt’s Sam Young, KU PG Sherron Collins, and Gerald Henderson of the Dukies.  

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