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Blake Griffin Chin-Checked by PJ Tucker in Suns-Clippers Game

Blake Griffin PJ Tucker Fight


Shit got real during the Suns-Clippers game last night, as Suns forward P.J. Tucker and Clippers superstar Blake Griffin got into some fisticuffs, including what appeared to be Tucker attempting to give Griffin a one-hitter quitter.

Late in the 4th quarter with the Clippers holding a firm lead, Tucker and Griffin got tangled up battling for a rebound and fell to the ground.

As both players attempted to box each other out, Griffin landed awkwardly on top of Tucker, appearing to push Tucker to the ground and purposely falling on top of the Suns forward with all of his bodyweight.

Tucker didn’t take too kindly to the move and decided to give Griffin a chin-check, as the All-Star forward laid on top of him. After delivering the blow, Tucker crawled away as players from both teams quickly intervened, as a pissed off Griffin blurted out some profanities before walking towards the Clippers’ bench.

Griffin is notorious for being on the receiving end of some overly physical play and has decided to no longer act like the victim and fight back, but in this particular case he appeared to be the instigator.

Tucker shouldn’t have responded the way he did, but Griffin intentionally drove him to the ground and put some extras on it, so he definitely deserves some of the blame for getting chin-checked.



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