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Billy Cundiff “Finkles” AFC Championship Game


Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff found himself in the worst position in sports, with the fate of his squad resting on his boot Cundiff  “Finkled” what would have been a game-tying 32-yard field goal, giving the Patriots a 23-20 win and their 7th trip to the Super Bowl; with a rematch of SB XLII against the Giants awaiting.

It’s easy to say that Cundiff’s butt cheeks were tighter than that lining Steve Harvey use to roll with back in his Showtime at the Apollo days, with an earlier field goal attempt just narrowly escaping the same fate, but it wasn’t like the Ravens didn’t have other opportunities to keep their season alive.

Whilst everyone is pointer the finger at old Billy boy for tricking off the game, let us not forget Lee Evans crucial drop in the endzone just a few plays earlier. If Evans wouldn’t have butterfingered the touchdown reception, the Ravens would have actually won the game and Cundiff would have evaded busterdome.

But as a wise man said, “if ‘if’ and ‘buts’ were meats and nuts…they still wouldn’t be as big as mine ya dig.”

Video of Cundiff’s epic miss after the jump…


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