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Big Ben Is Innocent…The Newest McNulty Emails


Damn, every morning Big Ben’s lawyers are dropping another bombshell. Yesterday they filed a motion to drop the case…saying that Andrea McNulty’s lawyer, Calvin Dunlap, took the case knowing she was crazier than a sh*t house rat.

And now today, Guy Hyder, the Harrah’s director of security, stepped forward with some emails from McNulty of his own. In them McNulty says Ben was “so effing hot” and joked about having “Big Ben’s child.” And the triv part is all these emails were received within days after the alleged rape occurred.

The email that puts the nail in the coffin is the one that says, “Hail Mary full of grace give me the strength to not go to his room to fix his television.” Dunlap has less than 21 days to drop the case or else go down as a prime example of why lawyers suck!



  1. Mike Jones November 15, 2009

    He CANNOT BE GUILTY…..he is a known homo in the Steelers locker room. Why would a flammer rape a woman? He is innocent of the rape charge, guilty of being a turd burglar.


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