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Big Baby Gets Paid…The Celtics The Best In The East


The Celtics pretty much have their new and improved roster set for next season. We have good word from Yahoo Sports that Big Baby has agreed to a new-2-year contract with the squad…now we don’t know for exactly how much, but we hear it’s for the mid-level exception, which is somewhere around $5 mill a season.

Add Big Baby’s signing, which should be finalized early next week, with the signing of Sheldon Williams yesterday ($1.3 mill a year) and you’ll see that the Celtics are one of the nicest teams in the league.

They have KG, Rasheed Wallace, Kendrick Perkins, Big Baby and Sheldon all rotating in at the 4 and 5 spots…child please! Put any combination of those guys with the new Big 3…Rondo, Walter Ray Allen, and Pierce and you have one of your sicker teams in the league.



  1. Michael Tillery August 8, 2009

    Damn I’m a Sixers fan. The C’s are loading up for the playoffs now. A bunch of big boys to deal with Dwight Howard, Shaq and anyone else who brings it big in the East. I can’t wait for the season bruh.

  2. Matula August 9, 2009

    Les Celctics sont vraiment armés pour la saison prochaine,il manque plus qu’un bon back-up a Rajon Rondo pour qu’il soit favoris avec les Lakers. Ils auront du repondant face aux gros pivots de l’Est.


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