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Beyonce Nip Slip at 2014 Grammys

Beyonce Nip Slip Grammys


Beyonce’s 2014 Grammy-opening performance became an internet senstation after Jay-Z’s main boo appeared to suffer an unprovoked nip slip of Janet Jackson proportions whilst performing her new hit Drunk in Love.

After witnessing Beyonce’s nip slip with my own eyes, immediately my thought process went a little something like this:

is that a nipple?

no, its a shadow of a nipple.

it’s a nipple.

it’s not a nipple.

it’s a nipple,

yeah, it’s a nipple, cuz i’m drooling.

If it was indeed a nipple, then Beyonce got them silver dollar areolas.

Beyonce Nip Slip Grammys 2


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