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Update: Ben Gordon And Villanueva Going To Detroit…

John Krease Jul 01


UPDATE: Ben Gordon signed a five year deal for between $55 million and $60 million and Charlie Villanueva got a five year deal for $40 million. Sweet!

That’s right, Ben Gordon and Villanueva are going to Detroit…matter of fact, they are already there. Both of them hopped on a plane to go meet with Joe Dumars this morning to talk about signing deals with the Pistons. Word is that Ben is going to sign with them before the 4th of July for 5 years/$50 million and Charlie for a bit less.

A good move for a team that already waived Fabricio Oberto, and should be saying goodbye to Rasheed Wallace at some point this offseason (we say he is either going to go to the Spurs, Cavs, or Boston).

And fans in Denver, don’t worry because your team’s VP, Mark Warkentein, is meeting with The Birdman right now out here in LA, trying to sign him to a 5-year-deal for somewhere around $25 milli. And since he’s not going to get much better than that anywhere else, it looks like he is staying.


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