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BCS Violates Texas Without Vaseline

John Krease Nov 30

BCS Standings – (2) Oklahoma .9351 and (3) Texas .9223

.0128 points is all that separated Texas from going to the Big 12 Championship game and a shot at the BCS Title. Tis Tuff in every sense.

Texas being 2nd in the BCS last week combined with the fact they beat OU 45-35 earlier in the year, they should be in the title game right?


The voters believe that OU is the hotter team right now. I mean they have put up over 60 plus points in each of the last 4 games against opponents like Nebraska, Texas Tech, and yesterday against Oklahoma State.

Add that with the fact they have the future Heisman Sam Bradford at quarterback, completing 68% of his passes with 46 TD’s and you have your ruling.

But, Texas fans will say we already beat them. Yes, it is not fair. But, neither is life.

Texas is a team that has been penalized for losing in the greatest game of the season. A rivalry game that was lost on the road against a one loss team on a last second TD from Harrell to Crabtree. Someone get the Texas players and fans some tissue to wipe their tears away. What did Texas ever do to deserve Oklahoma jumping them in the BCS and taking their number 2 spot and trip to the title game? Nothing.

We say have the two teams play again. No one wants to see Mizzou in the title game anyway. A team who lost to Texas earlier in the year and are coming off a heartbreaking loss to Kansas.

Just match up Oklahoma and Texas. A rematch for the ages – so the two best teams in football can meet for the BCS Championship. The winner of the SEC Championship against the winner of the Big 12 Championship. But, the fans never get what they want. For there is too much politics and money involved in the sport for anything logical to ever happen. Instead the decision is in the hands of the computer and the squares around the nation. Most of who have never played a meaningful competitive sport in their life.

But, what if Oklahoma loses. Gotdamn! What a mess we would have then. We will save that debate for later on in the week.


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