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Baron Davis and The Game Bet $50,000 on Drew League Game

Baron Davis Game Drew League Bet


The eyes of the basketball world will be focused squared on King-Drew high school this Sunday afternoon at the famed Drew League, as Baron Davis’ LAUNFD squad takes on fellow soo woo representative The Game and his Money Gang squad in what is poised to be one of the biggest matchups of the summer.

Baron decided to put his money where his mouth is, proposing a $50,ooo wager on the matchup, with The Game acknowledging and accepting via his twitter account:

Both James Harden and Kevin Durant, who will be in Los Angeles this weekend doing some promo for Nike, are expected to play on the LAUNFD squad, going head up against The Game’s squad, which features burgeoning superstar Paul George.

If someone tells you that the Drew League isn’t turnt up like an oven, you have my permission to promptly slap the shit out of them, cause they are speaking some mambo jahambo.

For anyone interested in attending the game to get a glimpse at some legendary streetball in all it’s glory, I’d suggest arriving at the Drew League around 8am, cause the gym is going to fill up faster than a condom on All-Star and/or Super Bowl weekend.

If The Game’s team loses, it’s a safe bet that he’ll have a reaction similar to this…



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