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Barnes Goes In On BBall Wives Via Twitter…Again


Matt Barnes has done some questionable stuff in his day, that has made opposing fans and players view him as something like an a-hole, whilst simultaneously gaining the love of his teammates and the home crowd (for whichever team he happens to be playing with).

Recently Barnes has been gaining notoriety for his appearances on and subsequent bashing of the VH1 hit “reality” series Basketball Wives, in which his soon to be wifey Gloria, was a member of the cast this season. Barnes’ Boo was also the only cast member that didn’t attend the reunion show that aired this past Sunday.

Barnes has been lashing out at several other cast members and especially at executive producer Shaunie O’Neal (via twitter), because of how his Boo was depicted on the show. Much has already been made of the divorce between Shaunie and Shaq, including the fact that Gloria’s older sister Laura, was smashing the Big Diesel on the side.

It’s obvious that Barnes & Boo feel betrayed by Shaunie as undoubtedly they were probably told that the show would be something different than what it was–a bunch of women that most would consider to be groupies and/or gold diggers, playing the part perfectly.

Barnes has every right to be salty in this situation, as he has no doubt had to deal with some clowning from haters, opponents looking to gain the competitive edge, as well as his teammates. Ironically Dwight Howard never participates or laughs when said clowning takes place, for obvious reasons.

Video of Gloria (Matt Barnes’ Boo) taking on Royce (Dwight Howard’s baby mama) in a “friendly” boxing match after the jump…


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