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Questionable Call Swag Video

Aussie Kid That Looks Like Angus Goes HAM On Bully


Now what we have right here should be an inspiration to all chunky kids that are getting bullied by much younger, skinnier dudes. It’s time to start fighting back and letting them bullies know who is who, and what is what.

16-year old Casey Heynes finally reached his boiling point after getting bullied by a 12-year old kid named Richard out there at some school in Australia. The video shows Casey getting binged in the grill by Richard as other students watch and clown him.

With a decided height and weight advantage, Casey finally decides to fight back, picking up the bully and body slamming him WWE WWF style. Unfortunately Casey passes on the opportunity to deliver a solid kick to the bully’s grill, which would have likely put him out for the count.

Hopefully Casey now realizes the power he possesses, and will use it to make the former bully something like his prag (if you never saw HBO’s OZ, then that term might be over your head). It’s only right.


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