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Athletes On Late Night TV…Roddick, Shaq, And More

John Krease Aug 28


Andy Roddick on David Letterman: Yes, Dave really played Andy Roddick on the show last night and had Rachel Ray as the ball girl and we must say that Rachel Ray looked absolutely delicious as a little cute pudgy ball girl. Dave, meanwhile, didn’t look half-bad seeing that Roddick’s serve is 100 plus mph…we think he even returned one.

Shaq on Jimmy Kimmel (Part 1) (Part 2): So what does Jimmy do when he has Shaq on the show? Play Scrabble of course! But this game of Scrabble is one of the most hilarious games that has ever taken place…what is up with Shaq making up words?

David Lettermans On The MLB Network: So we showed you when Mark Teixeira of the NY Yankees was on the show playing a little game of HR Derby. Well the MLB Network took that video and broke down Dave’s swing.

Jimmy Kimmel on Mike Vick: So what did Jimmy have to say about Mike Vick? …you know it was something hilarious.


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