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Around The Horn Addresses Jay Mariotti Situation


Much like most known members of the mainstream square sports media, recently embattled columnist Jay Mariotti was a constant fixture on ESPN’s Around The Horn. The debate show features a group of square-brained, unathletic sports writers offering their opinions on relevant topics, and is single-handedly responsible for inflating the ego of those that appear regularly on the show.

In light of Mariotti’s arrest, for getting down low and cold on his Boo during an argument in Cali, a panel on the show discussed their feelings on the largely negative reactions to the Mariotti situation.

The outcry against Mariotti is well documented, as many of the people that felt his wrath while Mariotti pretended to be holier than thou have now decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.

It was interesting to see a panel including Kevin Blackistone, Woody Paige and Bob Ryan try to criticize one of their own in a manner that appeared more defensive.

It’s a lot easier when they can pretend as if they don’t possess some of the same perceived flaws as the sports figures that they speak on. Nobody’s boo boo  smells like roses.


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